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    Nursing is a great profession to be able to see other countries. Many countries are in a severe nursing shortage right now and travel nurse staffing concerns are making it very easy to come in and work.

    Mrs. Mary Thomas, the director of Nursiingjobs. She received her Master of Science in Nursing. Her husband, Mr. Roy Punnose, who is the back bone of the Organisation is a Mechanical Engineer by Professional and an entrepreneur.

    Whether you are looking to visit for a few months or a couple of years, you can find something that will suit you to a tee. All specialties are needed. If you are an OR, ER, Med/Surg, Cardiac, Neonatal nurse or any other specialty, you will find a job that is right for you and in your field.

    The benefits are wonderful. High pay, free housing, licensing fees paid, health insurance and travel expenses are generally covered, depending on the country travelled to.

    Most hospitals and travel nurse recruiters want you to have at least one year of nursing in your specialty. They want you to be comfortable, not only with being a nurse but with the equipment, terminology and cares as well.

    The United States

    Now, it isn’t all roses. Some countries, like the United States, have very long waiting periods to receive visas. If you have previously travelled to the US, you can get back there in less than 6 months with sponsorship from a travel nurse company or hospital. If not, it can take several years to receive a visa.

    You will need to be sponsored by either a travel nurse agency or hospital for your visa. Once you have the visa, it can be renewed yearly. You will also need to be licensed in the US with the NCLEX nursing exam. Your agency will help you prepare for this and pay the fees. This test is often offered outside of the US as well as in the US.

    The United States isn’t the only great place for international travel nursing though. There are several other countries that you can receive a work visa in and travel to.

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    The Middle East

    I know, probably not your first choice. Consider it though, because the facilities are top notch, the pay is even better and you will receive great benefits.

    You will be required to work for 1 - 2 years and will be given the opportunity to fly home, free of charge, for a visit between the first and second year. Depending on your home country, your wages are also tax free.

    Many nurses choose to work here while waiting for a US visa and there are plenty of travel nursing opportunities.


    Most jobs require a two-year commitment and is essential which needs to be met. If your ultimate goal is to work in the US, this is a great interim step. You can apply for residency after a two-year assignment if you wish.


    Canada has almost as many choices as the US and is much easier to get a visa. If you would like to travel to North America, this is a really fun and diverse place to be. Canada can also be a great interim step to entering the US.


    There are many opportunities for international travel nursing in England and Ireland. If Europe appeals to you this may be a good option. You can run into some of the same visa issues as with the US though.

    Nursing News
    Since establishment our company has been successfully placing a steady

    flow of nurses both male and female in countries like USA, Canada and several European countries in various sectors of health care.

    Our Portal lays a foundation for everybody with a desire to work as a nurse abroad.

    It helps in creating an ideal profile; search our database for the top most jobs world over;

    apply jobs of your favorite profile and destination. Be it a permanent job or a temporary one, Nursiing Jobs provides a wide range of opportunities.
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