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    Welcome to the world of Nursing. Nurses are the first people to see the new born child. Nurses are nothing but a next mother. They are the professional people who take care of the young & old. They have the patience to cope up at all times and with all race of people. They say Doctors are like God, and Nurses are like Angels who take care of them with utmost care. We are proud of our people, who are keen in this Industry. They have better scope in India and Countries like Canada, UK & Middle East.

    Mrs. Mary Thomas, the director of Nursiingjobs. She received her Master of Science in Nursing. Her husband, Mr. Roy Punnose, who is the back bone of the Organisation is a Mechanical Engineer by Professional and an entrepreneur.

    She is striving hard to deliver the best Nurses at the committed place and time. She is also encouraging the women to excel in their career far and wide.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission - is to provide best candidates to fulfil the clients needs to their satisfaction. We will scrutinize and send the appropriate person to suit the location.

    • Caring
    • Helpful
    • Dedicated
    • Committed
    • Focused

    Our Vision

    To provide the best nurses in the world.

    To construct a modernised and well equipped Nursing College, which can train many more Professional Nurses.

    Nursing News
    Since establishment our company has been successfully placing a steady

    flow of nurses both male and female in countries like USA, Canada and several European countries in various sectors of health care.

    Our Portal lays a foundation for everybody with a desire to work as a nurse abroad.

    It helps in creating an ideal profile; search our database for the top most jobs world over;

    apply jobs of your favorite profile and destination. Be it a permanent job or a temporary one, Nursiing Jobs provides a wide range of opportunities.
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